Monday, April 09, 2012

Meet Louie Lovin!

Meet Louie Lovin! The newest member of the Lovin Family! He is a french bull dog and is 4 months old. He joined our family on Thursday, April 5th. He was the last one of his siblings to be adopted- he had 3 sisters- all who were much different than little Louie. They were very hyper and full of energy- while Louie is very quiet and shy-- although he can be very energetic when he wants to be! He does NOT bark at all - we have never heard him bark yet. Although- he does wimper if he is alone or can't see anyone and wants to come in the house.
As you can see- he is already very much a part of the family. Ethan and Chops are already best friends with Louie and he cries for them when they aren't around. It was love at first sight with the boys and I had to post this video of Chops and Louie on Day 2. Louie basically let's the boys do whatever they want to him and when they aren't rolling in the grass with him- they have him on their laps all day and he loves to be held or on your lap. Check out this video.We can't meet for you all to meet him!