Friday, September 07, 2012

Baby Lovin is on the way!

Hello family! Well- for those of you who I haven't been able to talk to and don't know yet.. Jeff and I are pregnant and having a baby in March! We are now at 13 weeks (and 2 days!) and we wanted to wait for this third ultrasound to let everyone know that things look good and baby is healthy and ACTIVE. Every time we have had an ultrasound- the baby has been moving around so much- it looks like the baby is dancing!
As you know- its been quite a long struggle for me and Jeff and we actually were scheduled for IVF on August 9th but we found out when on Jeff's Birthday- July 11th- when we were on vacation in Melbourne Beach at my sister Rachelle's house- that we were pregnant! I actually took the test when no one was around because I have taken so many that were negative and so just in case- I didn't want anyone to know I was taking the test. But then I got a positive result! I was so excited that I ran downstairs to tell mom! It is a memory I will never forget. I was glad that my whole family was there when I found out about this miracle! I will keep you posted on how things are- but I feel good so far so I can't complain. I have only had a little bit of nausea for a couple of days a couple of weeks back but other than that- I am just really tired and going to bed at around 830p every night! I am not taking naps during the day like I used to... so I am slowly getting my energy back. We get the blood results back in a week or two so that is the next thing we are waiting on. We will let everyone know how it goes and will try and blog often- especially for my mom and dad who are too far away from me as I go through this journey. I love you guys!

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