Sunday, September 30, 2012

We are having a GIRL!

Yes! It's True!!! Can you believe it? Jeff still can't! Ha.. The top ultrasound shows you her butt and legs and where the arrow is pointing is how they can tell its a girl! Nothing sticking out and they identified the 'three lines' that shows you it's a girl!
She wasn't as active this time around- and I even drank a Dr. Pepper 30 minutes before my appt and she wasn't moving too much and I think its because I've had a cough and that's probably been keeping her up at night! It got to the point where I had to get up and do some jumping jacks so that she would move around so they can get a better view if this was a boy or a girl :)
Here is a picture of mom and dad when Jeff and I skyped them to tell them when we found out! Here is a little video clip of when we found out that Jeff took. We have some other clips to show you that I will work on in imovie that has more of our ultrasound appointment that I will post when I have some more time to work on it. Love you all and we will meet this baby girl in March.


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