Friday, October 19, 2012

20 Week Fetal Ultrasound

Baby Lovin is growing! I am just shy of 20 weeks (that is 5 months! Whoa!!! How time is flying). Here is a pic of me at 13 weeks on the left and 20 weeks on the right. Can you tell I love these stretchy skirts- I would have gotten them in more colors if they had them!
We just had our 20 week fetal ultrasound yesterday and all looks good-- so far. I don't get the real results until Monday from my OB- the technician kept saying she can't really tell me anything. However- she DID confirm its a baby girl! All looks well but again, I will know more on Monday. In this ultrasound below, she is sucking her thumb!
This is a picture of her foot! So cute...
The ultrasound below just had a couple of pics of the front of her face (top right and bottom left) - you can see her eyes, nose, mouth, hands and body. She was moving around quite a bit so she was able to get some good angles. She actually took over 70 photos of the baby on this ultrasound but they were measuring everything from her spine to brain, feet, etc... to make sure she is growing on track. My next ultrasound will be in 4 weeks (my 6 month check up) so I will give you another update then! Until then- I need to go shopping and get me some pants that fit since its about to get colder! Love you guys-