Friday, November 02, 2012

NYC Marathon is Officially Canceled

The ING NYC Marathon has been officially canceled. The past 48 hours has been an absolute whirlwind but I just pray for the speedy recovery of the city and people of the North East. Listening to stories today at the expo, I definitely had Hurricane Katrina Flashbacks and I kept thinking- thank god we still have our health/lives. In the end, that's all that counts. There will be another NYC marathon.
Some of the stories I heard today at the expo went like this: I spent almost 48 hours traveling (from Belgium- actually a family of 5) and was supposed to stay at the Hilton in Staten Island. They gave my room away- actually, they gave up all the marathoners rooms to make room for locals who lost power and had no homes to go to. So now I am stuck here with no place to stay and no race to run." I talked to this other girl who traveled from france all by herself... Got to her hotel- and it had no electricity, etc.. But they were still letting people stay there- but not offering any refunds of any kind and the hotel does not expect to have power until tomorrow- maybe Sunday. But they still couldn't give her a definite answer. We are not sure what is going to happen moving forward- they literally just announced it. All I know is that Jerson just got us flights out tomorrow at 7am so we will be on our way home then! Mom- I got your message but as you can imagine- its been crazy here. Jerson and I are both safe though and will give you another update soon! Love you guys... Signing out from NYC.