Wednesday, February 27, 2013

37 Weeks

Hey guys- I meant to post these last week when I was 37 weeks (since I just turned 38 weeks as of this past Tuesday). To give you a quick update.. baby is doing good, I am barely dialated- she said less than a centimeter. Heart beat is good, my blood pressure is good and the baby is definitely BIG! Every week, I was measuring on point and this week- I was measuring 2 weeks ahead. However, because I am short and my torso is small- the only way that the baby can grow is OUT.. so its not so uncommon to see this now that the baby is growing pretty fast. She is weighing in at an estimated 6.5 pounds (give or take a pound). So she can be 7-9+ pounds when she is born- but again, this is just an estimate so you just never know. My OB said I should think about having a C section if the baby gets really big but I really want to try and have her vaginally. I actually got to talk to Rachelle today (I know!Its a treat when we can talk) and she said Cale was 9 pounds, 6 oz and she had him vaginally and all went great- so I am optimistic.

Jeff and I also got to have an ultrasound (which we haven't had in over 3 months) and we actually got to see Baby girl! She is in the right position (head down by my pelvic area) and she is definitely squished in there. These are some pictures of her face- its actually harder to see her when she is bigger because you can only see so much through the ultrasound camera. Can you see her face in these two pictures? Its like she is in a laying down position so if you try to find her nose or eyes first- you will see her face!

Also- I am eating smaller meals- but more frequent because my stomach is getting squished so I can't have too much at a time. Although I must say I do have a sweet tooth! I am also experiencing some numbness in my right arm only... which sometimes is so numbing that it makes me nervous that something is really wrong-- but its just because the baby is hitting all kinds of nerves right now. It does wake me up at night where I get up and stretch it out and walk around to get circulation back in my arm. I am still feeling the sciatic pain too in my right leg every now and then- mostly when I stand for long periods of time. When I can sit down and rest though, it feels much better quick. She is moving a ton and I wish you could feel my belly because you can definitely feel her leg or butt or heel and she is definitely kicking up in my ribs which is the weirdest feeling!!!! But its so nice to feel her move and know that she is ok... but I think she is wanting to get out soon! I will see my acupuncturist and OB tomorrow so I will see what they think and give you another update. I hope you all have a great night! Only a couple more weeks until mom and dad get here! Yay!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Breast Feeding class

On Wednesday night, my awesome husband came with me to the breast feeding class and we did learn so much- of course, I will probably forget all the info but I'm sure that I will have lots of good help when it comes time. Jeff did pretty good sitting through all the info- except the times he fell asleep or was on his phone! Ha..

Willdan throws us a baby shower!

Shannon, the office manager at Jeff's work who is in the picture below to the left with blonde hair- she put together a baby shower at Jeff's work this past Thursday! It was so nice- everyone at his work came to say hi and they got us a bunch of cute things! It was really good to see some of his co workers I haven't seen in a while!

Rex Navarette at the Improv!

We got tickets to see Filipino comedian Rex Navarette last night at the Improv in Irvine and he was hilarious!!! Wish u all could have come. And of course after, we took pictures with him and I bought his DVD. We got to hang out with him for a while- such a nice guy and one of the other comedians who opened for him - turns out Roger knew him! He used to live in San Francisco and now lives in West Hollywood- pretty close to where Roger lives now! Small world!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

34 weeks vs 37 weeks

Well- you can definitely tell in these pictures that baby girl is dropping.. I am feeling very large and uncomfortable. Barely sleeping at night- I feel like I wake up every hour to roll over on my other side because my arm has fallen asleep or to use the bathroom! My feet are so swollen and my hands are too. I was wondering when all of these symptoms would start and it really just started in the last couple of weeks with only less than 3 weeks to go. Baby girl is definitely more active than ever and keeps me up at night as she moves around and rolls over. It's amazing she can even move around in there because my stomach feels as solid as a rock but she is the most active than she has ever been! Jeff and I have our weekly check up today and then an ultrasound tomorrow which is exciting because I haven't seen her since week 27- that's over 2 and a half months ago! I can't wait to see her and hope that she is on the right position. More to come in the next couple of days!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day 2013

2 years ago, Jeff and I got engaged.
Today- we are expecting out first child together. So for this valentines day- we went to the Irvine Improv to see David Alan Grier and we had the best time! He also got me lovely white tulips and a pregnancy massage that is much needed!!! Love u so much baby- you are my love and my soul mate- you are my everything.

Valentines day 2013

I just loved the cards the boys made
Me.. Especially because Jeff told me that Chops started over 3 times because he wanted to make it perfect.
I loved Ethans drawing of us snowboarding! I can't wait until we can go on the mountain together :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Getting ready for Baby

We are getting everything ready for baby girls arrival.. The room is coming along but there is a lot more organizing to do and still have a few purchases to make so that our guests will be comfortable in the baby room. Sharon-
Jeff's mom- arrives on feb 28th. Mom and Dad arrive on March 10th and the baby comes on March 12th. Can't believe we are in the final 4 weeks. I even made her a wreathe for the front door to welcome her arrival! I am getting sooo excited!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Dance-a-Thon at Davis

I had to chair this event this year with another Kinder mom, Kelly Parsons and since it rained all day today.. It turned into a Dance A Thon! We were disappointed we didn't get to run-
But we ended up having a great time! Each class represented a country and they had to show up in that country's colors and chops class had USA!! They looked great and we had so much fun!