Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a nice, relaxing weekend starting off in San Clemente hanging out at Rose and Dave's place for a couple of nights. It was really nice to wake up to Rose making breakfast for us! It was great spending time with them and they watched layla and Louie so that we could have date night on Friday night. Layla slept from 9 to 730 while we were there so we know she can sleep anywhere!!! I was also able to get a couple of runs in- I'm slowly getting back into shape but I have a long way to go! Dave had a BBQ on sat night and it was nice to catch up with some friends. Monday we went to the beach and met up with 4 other families and the kids had a blast! We were there from 9 to 4 so they were wiped out when we got home! Then we finally got to see Ron and Amy on Monday night since they were packing up Ron's place all weekend. Here are some pics from our weekend!

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