Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Layla Rose Lovin- 0-2 Months Old

Here are some video clips that I put together so you can see how Layla is progressing... I had so many clips and I just picked a few so you can see how much she is talking!

She will be 3 months old on June 15th-- wow how time is flying. She has just discovered her arms and hands and is starting to suck on her fingers-- but she hasn't found her thumb yet! She can recognize her name and our voices and tracks us as we walk past her. She is starting to grab at things now and has better control of her head. I gave her a bath the other day and she held her head up the whole time by herself! She still hates tummy time... but we try and do it twice a day so that it strengthens her neck. She still loves her play mat and talks to Mr. Turtle and Mr. octopus a lot during the day so mommy can work. She is sleeping through the night and goes down anywhere from 8-9p and wakes up between 5-7a-- what a trooper to let mommy and daddy sleep. Breast feeding is going great but I am still working on my milk production and just supplementing a little with formula since I can't make as much as my big baby needs.

Overall- she is a great baby and I can't believe how fast she is growing!!!! Check her out....

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