Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dana Point 10k Turkey Trot

We started off the day by running the 10k turkey trot this am! It was a beautiful course and a gorgeous morning! So glad that we got out run over with and now it's time to eat!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

The Aysons at Tanaka Farms

Here are a few pictures from when mom and dad were in town! I will upload more to my flickr account!

Trip to Tanaka Farms

I will post more on Flickr! These were just a few of the good ones :)

Layla's Halloween Party

I am part of a little mommy's group that I joined when Layla was 6 weeks and her and her little friends have become good buddies! They had a costume party and all the kids were too cute! Here are some of the pics from that day. Layla was a precious kitty cat!

Happy Halloween 2013

We had a great time trick or treating around the neighborhood with the Johnson's! Thanks to Rose and Dave for coming to visit and for Ethan's present- that Chops loved more! This is Layla's first Halloween and even though she fell asleep right as we were trick or treating- she woke up 1/2 way through and had fun with us! She is such a good sport! Love you!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Happy Halloween from Layla!

This is Layla at 7 months old! Hope everyone had a good one!

Happy Halloween From layla from Riza Ayson on Vimeo.

Layla in her crib

Layla knows how to lift her bumper to make sure that we are still there with her! What a smart little girl she is :)

Layla In Her Crib from Riza Ayson on Vimeo.

Layla Trying to Wave/Talk

Layla just started to make some babbling noises (other than yelling!) and she is just starting to wave which is really cute! She is 7 months old here and she still does not like tummy time-- so I think she is going to go straight from sitting to walking! She may just skip crawling--which is probably good because I have yet to baby proof the house! Here is a little clip of her and we will see how she progresses!

Layla trying to Talk/Waving from Riza Ayson on Vimeo.

Layla and Lola

Some clips of when Lola came to visit us in Cali and helped take care of Layla when I was in Chicago for 5 days! Love you mommy!

Layla and Lola from Riza Ayson on Vimeo.