Monday, February 17, 2014

Layla's first time Whale Watching

We went with 90 other people from Davis Magnet School and it was Layla's first time whale watching! Ok- so she didn't see many whales but she did great on the 2.5 hour boat ride! We rode on the same boat that we did when we all went last time. The weather was perfect and we got to follow a grey whale for a while- those pics are on my camera and these were all taken on my phone! Thanks auntie rose for the cute hat too! She didn't try and take it off all day!

Celebrating Liams 1st birthday

Layla met Liam when she was 6 weeks old.. He is part of her baby group from Granola babies and here they are almost a year later! So thankful for these mamas!

Layla's first bubble bath!

Layla took her first bubble bath at auntie roses house and loved it! She didn't know what to do with all the bubbles at first- but ended up loving it!