Saturday, April 05, 2014

Dinner at Uncle Rey's house

On the way back to Costa Mesa from seeing Ron and Amy in Pacifica... We stopped at my Uncle Rey and Auntie Windas house and they had a lovely, international lunch for us! It was so nice to just spend time with each other and watch the Beatle Grammys!!! Makes me want to pick up my guitar again. Thanks to the villanuevas for all the delicious food and the big bag of lemons!!! We appreciate it and hope to see you on our Catalina trip this summer!

Dinner at the Townsends

We made to to FL and decided to do a last minute trip to south fl to visit the butlers... But turns out that Ron and Amy were in Gainesville visiting Amy's family! We were able to have dinner at Amy's brothers house in High Springs on the way down! It was such a treat to meet Amy's family (except her parents) and have a home cooked meal while on the road. Thanks Amy for the hospitality!!! Her nieces- Natalie and Alice- were too cute with Layla! And Layla loved playing with them!

Thursday, April 03, 2014


Thanks roger and rose for taking us to the airport! There would have been no way that we could have done it without you! I can't believe how much stuff we were traveling with! Thank goodness we made it safe and even though it was super late when we got home- we got home safe and sound! Love u all