Friday, July 27, 2018

To get to your goal, know your numbers!

At the start of this journey, I did a body fat ultrasound and took my weights and measurements. My starting date was Sunday, July 22, 2018.
Weight: 127.4
Chest: 34.5"
Waist: 33"
Hips: 38"

My starting body fat percentage 22.8% and my goal at the end is 15%. That is 7.8% I have to lose and since I am giving myself 6 months- that is totally doable!

If you haven't gotten your body fat tested before or better yet-- a body fat ULTRASOUND done.. I recommend you get it so you KNOW YOUR NUMBERS. This is by far the most accurate method to test body fat as it uses ultrasound to send signals that tells us where fat meets muscle and muscle meets bone. It's right there on the scan and these scans can not be tricked-- unlike other devices that measures body fat. You are looking at my thigh scan on the left and my hip on the right... it's amazing what these scans tell us.

I also took before pictures which you saw on the last post (the one before the mammogram ultrasound post!). This is important as well because even though we look at ourselves everyday.. its hard to see these small changes happen so its better to document.

I just got certified in scanning and will be happy to scan those that are local. Regardless if its me or someone else- this is your first step to reaching your goal. Know your number.. and then set your goal.


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